Happy Christmas


Christmas Presence

Warmest greetings from France. We trust that you and yours are keeping well in spite of the various challenges we have all faced in 2020. It has been a humbling time for us, but also a happy and productive one.

A Wedding in July


We are more than thankful for the window of opportunity that opened up for us at the end of July which meant that our daughter Déborah’s marriage to Josh could go ahead as planned. If you want a short video insight into the celebrations you can click here.

B.A. Degree in Graphic Art

So proud of Myriam who had to present a year of work online due to the lockdown, but who shone like a star. She is now working in Bratislava, Slovakia for a year.

A Successful Summer at the CDJ


Our son David and his wife Stefanie, who coordinate the CDJ, were able to host a number of groups despite the many safety protocols imposed by the pandemic. They had no cases of illness throughout the months. If you would like to know a bit more about their work you can click here.

Winter Wonderland

Our second son Marc is presently working in Finland and has actually been to the Artic Circle to put in an early order of Christmas presents with Father Christmas.


I managed to start the year teaching a group in Rumania and preaching in Italy with my son in law, with a full calender of mentoring trips planned for the rest of the year. Unfortunately, most of the events were cancelled. We managed to keep the church going through Zoom meetings and were grateful for the times when we could get together. We worked hard encouraging people through the two lockdowns. We also maintained regular contact with the young pastors we mentor in Brittany and South East France. The extra space that the French ‘confinement’ gave us, spurred us on to greater creativity.

Two Books

A Fruit in Season – A Year of Devotionals

My prayer is for these weekly teachings to encourage individuals and families in their devotional times, as well as helping housegroup and church leaders. It could make a good gift for Christmas.

It is available as a paperback or e book on Amazon

Steps of Glory

I’ve just finished writing over 50,000 words as my offering for the National Novel Writing Month in November. ‘Steps of Glory’ is an adventure of the soul; a Reeve’s reverie about healing history and putting the world to right through battles, words and love. It is the last of my autobiographical triology and follows, Steps of Innocence and Steps of Experience. It should be published early next year.

Many Thanks

We are grateful to everyone who encourages us in our ministry. Although 38 years have passed since our first ‘Steps of Innocence’, we still feel, through the grace of God, that we have something to offer. If you would like to help us in our work you can message or e mail us for more details.

Presents and Presence

In this season of giving, we all like to receive gifts of love from our friends and families. How much more should we appreciate the Christmas ‘presence’ of Jesus.

We send you our love and blessings.

Rob and Sylviane

Check out my latest book ‘A Fruit in Season’



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