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Thirty Years

This year welcomed the thirty year anniversary of the ’Château Blanc’ ministry which we helped to pioneer here in the North of France. The short video is a personal thanks for the ministry to France and the nations.

More Dreams to be Redeemed

March 2022 represents our 40 year anniversary of ministry. Forty years is a significant number in the Bible, representing the desert wanderings of Israel and the victorious scripture-inspired overcoming of Satan’s temptations by Jesus. It may be that our past decades as missionaries in France share the same deposit of wilderness perseverance and victory.

Rather than go over the past I feel the Lord is calling us to invest in the future. The dream of revival in France and Europe remains and we’re holding on to the promise of another ten years of pursuing that purpose. Thirty years of mission and ten years of pastoring have birthed a strong desire to unite the discipling of nations with the emergence of strong local churches.

Vision 50

We are still carrying this desire to see seven groups of about 7 people raised up in the unreached towns and villages around us – we know that makes 49, but we’re leaving space for the Ever Present One of the Holy Spirit. Our years at Wavrin have already birthed 3 groups which continue, but we’d like to start a new wave in this coming year.

A Gift from Us

I’ve written a book of weekly meditations to take you through the year called ‘A Fruit in Season’. It is available as a paperback and e book on Amazon but I’d like to offer it as a free pdf download as well. I’ve also put together an accompanying video series for each week which you can see on You Tube. Click HERE to get the package or pass it on to a friend.

Loaves and Fishes

A little goes a long way in the hands of Jesus and we remain amazed at how God has provided for us over these last years where we have been able to gift our ministry to so many, ‘living by faith’ for finances. This old model is becoming harder to explain and live out in contemporary society but we feel privileged to have been able to share this daily miracle of provision with the Lord and look forward to continuing the adventure into the next decade. The vulnerability is opportunity. We are full of thanks for all those who faithfully support our ministry and understand when challenging times limit the breadth of continued generosity. If the Lord should prompt you to support our next season, either through regular giving or a one off gift, you can use the links to the Stewardship and other giving options by clicking HERE.

Books and More Steps

Managed to finish and upgrade the ‘Steps’ series. Next year I will write a book in French to mentor folk into Intimacy and Mission. It will be used as a discussion base, along with a video talk, for our Contact Groups in the Vision 50 ministry.

Eternal Encouragement

The last months have not been easy for any of us. Light shines in our hearts through the Christmas message and God is still with us.

We send you our deepest thanks and blessings.

Rob and Sylviane

May our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father, who loved us and by his grace gave us eternal encouragement and good hope, encourage your hearts and strengthen you inevery good deed and word. 2 Thessalonians 2:16-17


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