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Oxygen welcomes us into the world with our first cry. Everyone breathes life for free. Whether you are regularly filling up your lungs with spiritual air, or whether you are still seeking, may you feel welcomed to our website.


The oxygen which we offer has a personality. He speaks through his two « O’s. »

KoinOnia and CredO – Fellowship and Faith, Intimacy and Mission.

I’M Oxygen

I’M Possible

« Impossible is not French. »


« Faith is the defeat of probability by the power of possibility. »

We have three areas of action:

1) Contact Groups – Small, informal groups of fun, food and sharing

« An opportunity to « think different. »

« An opportunity to believe. »

« An opportunity to develop talent. »

Vision 50

Goal: Vision 50 – Establish 7 Contact Groups in our Region with 7 participants in each group + Jesus

2) Solidarity International – Together to serve the world

Support of key local players

Development of NGO’s in the spirit of the Sustainable Development Goals

The creation of innovative, fair-trade, businesses – Business As Mission

Goal: To create a training hub for International Development and the setting up of 20 Businesses/NGO’s

3) Partnerships

We need others. We long for the succes of our friends and colleagues.

« When you win, we plan to raise the roof and lead the parade with our banners. May all your wishes come true. » Psalm 20:6

Goal: Raise up a synergy of 30 key partnerships

About Us


We are inspired by the Christian faith and share the Credo

This « Apostles Creed » is our source of unity at the heart of our diversity.

We want to say to the world:

« Put your entire trust in the Master Jesus, then you’ll live as you were meant to live – and everyone in your house included. »


We find friendship and reference with the « Nations » mission movement

Some of our Partners:

Able OL

Business As Mission – Aspiring to Build Leaders who Excel

Bikers pour Christ

Bikers For Christ France

Hesed Mentoring Ministry


image  Ethiopian Youth Mission Movement

imageFrontline Nations

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